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Jan 22, 2016 @ 8:14

Eating green will be top trend in 2016 – study

“In 2016, more of us will be eating greener. More people will care about cutting down on food waste in and beyond the home, try harder to avoid unhealthy food and overeating and be keener on more natural, local and seasonal food,” a renowned global business intelligence and strategic market analyst Euromonitor says.

In the survey conducted by the group to determine trends in 2016, the group found that most of the respondents were concerned about living a healthy lifestyle via holistic wellness.

The study indicated that that these healthy trends compel the public to be more health conscious by eating healthy food or natural foods as opposed to processed goods.

The commitment to a healthier lifestyle also extends to maintaining a need to balance their physical well being to mental and emotional well being.

“The fascination with promoting the wellness of their inner selves shows that consumers are looking beyond physical health,” the study said, citing consumer preference in the apps downloaded as well as bestseller lists.

“This interest in striving for mental wellness is also a response to pressured lives. It includes a tinge of nostalgia and offers a way for workaholics to pause,” the study added.

However, while the study indicated behavior hinting at respondents opting for healthy diets, another trend that was revealed in the research showed that among the priorities of the respondents was also to save time through time saving products like automatic gadgets or ready made meals.

The study showed the most common reasons for buying ready made meals than home cooked options and among the major reasons was because there was no time to cook. (ANGEL ONG)



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