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Lettuce mania

Do you want to start eating healthy green salads but don’t know which type of lettuce to use? This basic pantry information may just help you.

When it comes to lettuce, green or curly types aren’t always used. Consider some of these popular types and check if they are available in your favorite local farm or supermarket.

Iceberg lettuce

They’re crisp and hardy but a little bland. Though it’s not as flavorful as other varieties, it can keep up for two weeks—longer than other kinds of lettuce if stored properly in a plastic bag inside the fridge. Cut into wedges and serve with a drizzle of blue cheese dressing or just dip it into your favorite mayo and you’re good to go.


It’s also called Butter Lettuce, which can either be classified as Boston or Bibb. As its name suggests, it has a more buttery texture, tender and smooth leaves. It’s often used in sandwiches due its slightly sweet, fresh, and clean flavor. Simple vinaigrette would do to dress it up.


Is the curliest of the gang. Frisée has a bold, sharp slightly bitter tang. It goes better with grilled fruits and sweet dressings. It’s usually used in French Lyonnaise salad. The thin leaves, however, provide a slight, firm crunch and a visual appeal.


This crunchy lettuce is subtly sweet, subtly bitter. It can easily be distinguished due to its long, sturdy leaves. It provides robust crunch to any salad meal. Popular supermarkets have started selling this in packages. Make a Ceasar salad out of this.

Lollo Rosso

Pale green stems with maroon or wine-tinted curly tips characterize this lettuce. An anti-oxidant rich variety, it’s bold and nutty with a slightly bitter taste. This burgundy variety may turn off some people because of its spicier aftertaste, but this is actually a good alternative to iceberg lettuce. However, this one easily wilts so it’s best to postpone dressing it up until just before serving.

Green ice

Is just one of the sweetest varieties which is also a perfect addition to sandwiches or salad decoration. But its used in most salads because its texture provides a nice contrast to vinaigrettes and even creamy dressings.



These types have smooth and scalloped leaves like an oak. Its color can range from light gold to bright green to red. Its delicate texture makes it perfect for garnishing mains. The mild flavor of oak lettuce can be paired with a light dressing. (Ched Romulo)

[Source:, Yummy Magazine]


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