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Jan 18, 2016 @ 3:28

Raising geese: a beginner’s guide

If you are wondering whether raising geese is right for you, then consider the following information.

According to Tim Daniels of, geese don’t generally fall ill if they are kept correctly. They don’t suffer from red mite like chickens, so other than regular worming, geese don’t require much in terms of medication.

Geese don’t require expensive housing like nest boxes or built-in perches. An old shed would do as long as there is proper ventilation although an orchard is really the perfect place to keep them. The best part of raising them is that they won’t turn a patch of grass into mud like what ducks do when it rains heavily. Their droppings are also easy to wash away easily and don’t smell.

They may also save you from hiring a grass cutter as they can be used to keep grass short, and alert you when there are burglars. Daniels said geese are intelligent and particularly inquisitive. Though geese have a reputation to become aggressive, they can be tamed with gentle handling and hand feeding.

Ganders, however, can be noisy especially during breeding season. The Chinese goose is by far the noisiest but any gander can disturb your nearest neighbor. Geese can also live for 20 years so prepare for a long-term commitment.

If you have children, never leave them unsupervised with geese. Children up to seven years of age can make too many fast movements that may upset geese and a wild goose chase might ensue.

Grasses and clover make up a goose’s diet; short, fresh, sweet grass is preferred and has the most nutritional content. Make sure that you are able to maintain sufficient grass for the number of geese you plan to keep.

Domestic geese don’t need a pond since they only spend around 10 percent of their time on water. They are content with a plastic tub or a child’s sand pit tub. Geese prefer to mate on water so to ensure the heavier breeds such as the African goose or Toulouse are successful, they may need slightly deeper water than the lighter weight breeds. [Ched Romulo]

[Source:, AgriBusiness Digest Vol. 26, No. 08]


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