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Mar 28, 2016 @ 9:19

104 cocktails at Hooch

If ever you’re getting tired of the same old drink varieties in your regular bar, check out Hooch Cocktail Bar, the only bar in Manila that offers up 104 choices of cocktails from the typical scotch on the rocks, to creative new flavors like El Presidente and Treacle.

The bar also has its own take on the classic margarita, except that it looks slightly different but tastes absolutely awesome.

“Hear the bang, see the spark. Duck down, lay down, just get on down.” This isn’t your classic margarita. It doesn’t look right, but it sure tastes right. Blanco Tequila + Balanced Sugar + Dry Vermouth + Mystery,” it posted on its Instagram account.

There’s also the Downtown Funk which is a blend of Grey Goose Citron + Amaretto + Pineapple + Lemon + Sour Nerds.

There’s also a dash of sweet to counter the flavor of when the bar adds a bar of choc nut to Scotch Whiskey + Ameretto + Vanilla + Whole Egg to come up with something unique and inventive.


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