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May 29, 2016 @ 3:45

How to get drunk twice as fast

An experiment, reported by the Daily Mail, gives a scientific proof on the common notion that drinking on an empty stomach would make a person more likely to get drunk fast.

In a segment of The Truth Behind Alcohol, a BBC 1 series, a test on a breathalyser show that alcohol is likely to be absorbed twice as fast when ingested on an empty stomach.

In the experiment, Abdelmoneim drinks wine after eating a full meal, while his friend, Natalie, does so without any meals prior. About 20 minutes later, a breathalyser reading show that Natalie’s result is twice higher than Javid’s.

“The theory behind lining the stomach is that alcohol is absorbed mainly in the small intestine. When the stomach is full with food, this delays the alcohol getting to the bowels to be absorbed – keeping levels in the blood lower for longer.” the report said.

The idea is that consuming food prior to drinking would allow the stomach lining to produce enzyme that helps in breaking down the alcohol component. The Truth behind Alcohol also mentioned that when you consume alcohol on an empty stomach, it is almost the same as taking it intravenously.

“The experiment reveals just how quickly alcohol can hit us if we don’t eat – which of course affects our behaviour and our hangover”, Daily Mail reported.


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