Wednesday 24 October
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Jul 30, 2016 @ 4:28

Are GMOs Really That Bad?

Fans of Bill Nye were not happy when he announced that GMOs might not be that bad; in fact, he feels that GM foods might be beneficial. He lists three reasons for changing his mind:

1. We can now assay genes much quicker than fifteen years ago, which means researchers can investigate and combat potential crop threats at a fast rate. We can also more reliably predict how GM plants will grow.

2. There will be up to ten billion people on this planet by the middle of this century. GMOs offer a more productive yield than traditional crops. Nye reminds listeners that humans have long been hybridizing crops; we’re just doing it genetically now, not just combining crops with desirable traits sexually.

3. We’ve discovered that genes are introduced between species naturally. As an example, he cites sweet potatoes, which took their current form after a virus infected the plant. Humans cultivate these gene-changed species.

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