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Jul 1, 2016 @ 7:04

Duterte: Return lands to farmers, make financing accessible

The newly inaugurated President, while addressing the residents of Isla Puting Bato at Delpan Sports Complex, mentioned agriculture as one of his major concerns, Inquirer reported.

He said that the country “has no more resources and the big lands in Mindanao are being grabbed (naaagaw) by multinational companies.”

This, he said, gives more benefit for corporations owned by non-Filipinos.

“We don’t have lands anymore where we can plant rice for food…We don’t have food crops to (trade)..,” he told the residents.

He said he plans to return to the tenants all the land area that was “lost” in land reform through a specific program.

“But let’s look for a way … the profits from the land, whatever product is that, the government will buy it so they will surely have profits from their land,” the President said.

He promised to find sources for “big” money which would serve as funds for farmers so they could purchase fertilizers, seedlings, and “any other that they need for farming” if possible.

He mentioned micro-financing, saying he aims to give “even just a small amount” so poorer communities could have access to capital and put up their own small-scale businesses.

“All I’m asking is for this amount to be paid back, returned to government so your fellow Filipino..can have a business of his own,” he said in the report.


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