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Jul 29, 2016 @ 5:30

Kitchen gadgets review: Milk Maker – go nuts with this non-dairy ‘mylk’ machine

Coconuts, soya beans, almonds – this high-powered blender will pulverise and pasteurise all of the above (and more) to create ‘alternative milk’. Just don’t forget your nut bag

The Milk Maker (hoppsandwoolf.com, £72.99) has a motored blade in steel a chamber, and a heating element. It pulverises and pasteurises nuts and water to emulsion.

Because I have no clue how you milk an oat. How hard are people squeezing their nuts, exactly?

We need to talk about milk alternatives (God knows, I wish we didn’t). Healthy stuff derived from soya beans, rice, coconut, owl pellets, packing chips, old Blu-Tack etc has been around for years – dairy-swerving options for vampiric executives or stringy hippies drying out in Goa. But now it’s the de facto choice of a younger, clean-eating crowd. Marketing-wise, there are cunning linguistics at play, too. “Milk alternative”, like milk substitute, sounds prosaic, limiting, second best; the new vogue is for “alternative milk”, suggesting a cooler, more rebellious aspect. Picture this drink in winged eyeliner and a heavy fringe, wearing an ironic “milk monitor” badge while Snapchatting. And it wants you to call it “mylk” now, FYI.

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