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Jul 6, 2016 @ 4:03

Sugar, not eggs, causes heart attacks – study

The culprit for heart attack isn’t fat, after all. It’s sugar.

A report by the Huffington reveals that fifty years of doctors’ guidance and eating recommendations have been incorrect. Consuming more eggs, the report said, is very likely that “this bad advice has killed millions of Americans.”

A thoroughly done new research shows that those with the highest sugar consumption had a four-fold upsurge in their risk of heart attacks relative to those with the lower intakes. This would mean that one 20-ounce soda escalates your risk of a heart attack by around 30%.

The research involved more than 40,000 people and was published in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study accounted for all other probable risk factors including overall diet quality, smoking, total calories, cholesterol, alcohol, high blood pressure, and obesity.

This follows on the heels of years of study that has been mostly overlooked by policy makers and the medical establishment. In fact, the report said that the Institute of Medicine endorses getting no more than 25% of your total calories from added sugar. Conversely, the research showed that risk of heart attacks increases twice as much if sugar makes up 20% of calories.

“It’s imperative that we revamp our outdated and dangerous national dietary guidelines. And we need clear strategies and medical programs to help people understand and address the health risks and addictive nature of sugar and refined carbohydrates. That’s how we can reverse this tsunami of obesity and chronic disease that is robbing us of our health and crippling our economy.” said Mark Hyman in his published report for Huffington.


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