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Jul 13, 2016 @ 2:15

The grim truth behind your favorite chicken meal

While you’re enjoying your favorite chicken meal, there is a shocking truth behind poultry production that everyone needs to know. How do they really produce enough chicken for everyone optimally?

Dahli Aspillera, in a publication for Malaya, exposed the grim truth behind the chicken you’re having for dinner.

In the Philippines, he said, poultry industry is well thriving, quoting an article from Roger Pe:

“The Philippines has well-attained self-sufficiency in poultry–about 800 million broilers are produced annually.

The country’s supply continues to meet consumer demands.

Even restaurants and those who are in the food business have a reliable steady flow.

Cutting edge technology, employed by visionaries in the poultry industry has boosted our production rate. Modernization has even made us the new darling in the region.”

He cited instances where the Philippines won several awards, including “Livestock Asia” four years ago.

Despite the flourishing aspects of poultry in the country, he raised an important question: Has anyone really cared about the human resource management in poultry houses, globally?

He mentioned that one method to optimize production out of workers is to restrict bathroom breaks.

This means workers have to wear diapers while attending to their tasks. It’s even hard to imagine how women deal with menstruation or pregnancy in this setting.

“The poultry industry exploits vulnerable people who have few other options: People of color, immigrants, refugees, or even prisoners – and many have few other choices for employment.

Workers face harassment and risk losing their jobs, and many fear deportation if they speak up” he added.

With this, he noted that poultry companies care about what the public thinks.

“Big Poultry may not listen to their workers, but they will listen to consumers. Add your voice, write letters, make phone calls, and stand with poultry workers today” he urged.


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