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Jul 23, 2016 @ 4:06

What to do with Crystallized Honey

When Good Honey Goes Bad…Not bad, really, just crystallized.

If you have ever wondered about that jar of honey in your cabinet, you aren’t alone. I’ve been asked by many people if the jar they bought years ago is still good. Happily, I have good news. It definitely is!

Almost all unheated, unfiltered honey crystallizes; some just crystallize sooner than others. Crystallized honey is preferred over liquid honey by many people (me included). You can cook with crystallized honey. It works in tea; in stir-fry; and as an easily spread glaze on fish, meat and fowl. It doesn’t drip off the bread and you can eat it like candy. You know that beautiful creamy spread in the Natural Food store that sits beside the liquid honey? It might be called Whipped Honey, Spun Honey, Churned Honey, Candied Honey, Honey Fondant, Creamed Honey or Set Honey, but whatever name you choose, it originates from crystallized honey.

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