Thursday 15 November
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Jul 22, 2016 @ 11:29

You may be eating ‘cricket chips’ sooner than you think

Those who know their Bible stories by heart remember the “John The Baptist diet” – locusts and honey. reported that the world may just turn to an insect diet as a source of protein in the future as population increases and food production fails to catch up.

But we may not have to see soft thorax, crunchy wings and thin antennae as cricket farms abroad turn the insects into flour and make them into snack bars, pastas and chips.

Sales of edible insects worldwide could reportedly top $500 million by 2023.
They occupy less space than cattle and require less food and water.

Wired said a cricket farm in Ontario, Canada cares for 100 million crickets and churns out 1,500 pounds of “cricket flour” a week.

Venture capitalists are reportedly cashing in, with cricket farm startup Exo reaping $4 million in funding.

Closer to home, Filipinos eat locusts, ants, salagubang and other local insects either fresh or dried.


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