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Aug 12, 2016 @ 7:59

Move over spork, here comes the chork!

The spork, spoon-and-fork in one that’s a hit with fastfood restaurants, has a competition. The chork.

The chork is a fork and a chopsticks in one piece. says the chork has been around a while and has been sold in Amazon since 2011.

The spork works well with Pinoys and steamed rice, helping spoon up rice or soup or helping you pierce that last piece of lumpiang shanghai to pick up and take to your mouth.

Whether the chork will be a hit is a big question. Forks and chopsticks have the same function: they both just pick things up from your plate or bowl, or someone else’s plate or bowl.

The chork might be in for a reincarnation though. says America’s largest Chinese fast food chain is considering the chork.

A photo of Panda Express shows a chork inside a Panda Express take out box.

Panda Express was noncommittal on the shift to the chork, saying only that the chork best shows how American and Chinese cultures have fused.


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