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Oct 15, 2016 @ 10:20

Ube 101 with Purple Yam’s Amy Besa

Amy Besa of Purple Yam shared her expertise on the delicacy that the Filipinos has taken for granted.

“The problem with us Filipinos, and that includes all of us, is that we really don’t know what we have”, she told in an interview with CNN Philippines.
Besa, along with Lim, her pastry chef, explained some two varieties of ube –one from Davao and one from Benguet.

She emphasized that the tuber has a fragrance. Sappiro ube variety, Besa said, has a fragrance similar to pandan aroma. However, not all sappiros are like that, adds Besa. Neither are all ube varieties the same, the report added.

“That’s what I want Filipinos to understand, to appreciate this ube,” she says. “They are very, very different, and there are so many varieties”, she said.
She also explained that haleya they cook preserves the flavor or the ube.

“We treasure, we like to respect the integrity of the ube,” says Besa, before the haleya was served.

“So that when we cook it, when we make it to haleya, we don’t do anything to it. We just add water and sugar.” She adds, “All these things, for me — putting evaporated milk and all that — hindi mo na makukuha yung lasa. What people really know as haleya is the taste of evaporated milk and sugar, which has some flavoring of ube”, she explained.


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