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Feb 25, 2017 @ 12:28

How to Doctor Up Seltzer When You Run Out of LaCroix

Nothing makes me feel more like a millionaire than when a waiter asks if we want tap, sparkling, or still, and I get to shout out “SPARKLING!” before anyone else gets a chance to weigh in. Why drink the same type of water you shower, brush your teeth, and flush with when you could have the Champagne of H2O?

And, for that matter, why settle for plain Champagne water? Right now I’m into bubbles with a few dashes of Scrappy’s celery bitters. If you’ve ever had Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray soda you know what’s up. It’s slightly vegetal, salty, refreshing, and, most important: a good imitation of a gin cocktail. Bon Appétit food director Carla Lalli Music throws a piece of dried dragonfruit (find it in the bulk aisle at Whole Foods) into hers, which turns the whole thing neon magenta—very chic.

But I’m a mere mortal, always looking for more inspiration for seltzer add-ins, so I phoned Mick Matricciano of Cannonborough Beverage Company. Outside of South Carolina, you can find Cannonborough’s sodas (which are naturally sweetened and have great flavors like blueberry vanilla, sorghum thyme, and citrumelo + hop, which has actual hops in it) at Eataly, or DRINK, the new “non-alcoholic bar” in Times Square, where they’re on tap alongside kombucha, switchel, and cold brew coffee. This is 2017, after all.

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