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Feb 23, 2017 @ 15:19

Shopwise’s B1T1 and buy-1kilo-take-500 gram offers

Shopwise Supermarket has several buy-1kilo-take-500 gram offers until March 2.

They have a buy-1kilo-take-1kilo offer on potatoes but that’s no reason to rush. The offer on the potatoes are at P119 per kilo for another free kilo that translates to P59.50 per kilo. The average price of potatoes in Metro Manila this week is P60 per kilo, according to the Department of Agriculture. That’s the average, mind you. In some markets, it can be lower. So, don’t jump on it.

But, they do have good deals on barbecue chicken cut ups, lean ground pork, burger patties, beef shanks, pork cubes, and liempo. The promo on these products are buy-1kilo-take-500 grams.

The barbecue chicken cut ups are at P204 per kilo plus the 500 grams free. This means a kilo of barbecue chicken is P136. It’s inexpensive considering that a kilo of dressed chicken already costs P150 in Metro Manila according to the DA.
Lean ground pork is at P229 per kilo. With the take 500 gram offer, it effectively costs P153 per kilo which is relatively cheap because the DA places the price of pork kasim at P190 per kilo in Metro Manila.

The burger patties are at P349 a kilo which translates to P233 a kilo with the take 500-gram offer.

The beef shanks are at P309 per kilo. With the take 500-gram offer, it translates to P206 per kilo. A good deal considering that beef rump averaged at P300 per kilo today and beef brisket averaged at P260 a kilo, according to the monitoring of the DA today.

Pork liempo is at P349 per kilo. WIth the take 500-gram offer, the price falls to P233 per kilo, It’s not that great a deal but the deal on pork cubes at P236 per kilo with a take 500-gram offer translates to P157 per kilo is good. According to the DA, pork kasim/pigue averaged at P190 per kilo today while the liempo averaged at P220 per kilo in Metro Manila markets.

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