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Apr 26, 2017 @ 21:20

7 reasons to buy crushed purified ice now

Nothing beats crushed purified ice when the heat becomes oppressive.

There’s a store near our house that sells purified tube ice that they can crush for you to use in halo-halo. My favorite grocer also sells purified crushed ice but I like the one from the store better because they crush it just before they give it to you. At my grocer, they crush it and freeze it again, leaving you with huge lumps of ice.

When we buy it in the morning, the P30 crushed ice we buy doesn’t melt until the following day. Sometimes, after we get our quick fix, we forget about it and end up with a cooler full of water the following day. What a waste!

So, why should you get yourself crushed purified ice?

Of course, you want it because it’s just too hot. But, if you just want to put it in a glass of water, you’re better off with ice cubes. They don’t melt as fast. If you just want to put it in the glass of your drink of choice, I still say you’re better off with just ice cubes.

Don’t waste the crushed purified ice. Here’s what to do with it.

1. Halo-halo. The obvious choice. Just get some sago, gulaman, pinipig, sweetened banana, langka, ube, and sweetened camote or red beans. Add sugar, scoop in the ice and pour some evaporated milk.

2. Mais con hielo. This is even easier. Open a can of creamed corn, whole corn kernels and scoop some in a glass. Add some sugar and load the ice and drizzle with evaporated milk.

3. Guinomis. It’s still the same concept. Crushed ice in a glass but this one has buko strips, pinipig, and gulaman. Instead of sugar, you use arnibal to sweeten it. And instead of milk, you use coconut milk or cream.

4. Almond jelly with lychee. Get some almond jelly and put it in a bowl with some lychee. Scoop in some ice to keep it cold.

5. Iced tea shake. Just to be clear, this isn’t the same as getting iced tea and putting it in a glass with ice. Make your iced tea and make sure it’s concentrated. If you use the commercially available iced tea mix, just use half the water it requires. Put it in a blender and add crushed ice. I use a ratio of one part concentrated ice tea to one part crushed ice. Whiz it and you have your iced tea shake.

6. Coffee Frappe. Same concept as the iced tea shake. One part concentrated coffee and one part crushed ice. Put it in a blender and whiz.

7. Cucumber mint cooler. Peel and seed a cucumber. Cut it up and put it in a blender. If you don’t want to peel it, that’s fine too. Wash some mint leaves and add it to the blender. Add crushed ice, water, and a tablespoon or two of sugar and whiz for two to five minutes. Pour in a glass and drink. You can add more cucumber if you like. If you can’t find mint, that’s fine too.


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