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Apr 19, 2017 @ 20:35

Chicharon laman, talangka, and wisdom on braces

A very important lesson that my sisters and I learned from my mom was how to properly apply lipstick, the old-school way. You get a lip liner and line around the lips; get a lip brush and dip it in your lipstick and brush within the lines; blot with tissue and powder; dip the brush again and color within the lines; and blot with tissue again. You can repeat the brushing and blotting until it is as thick as you want. Doing it this way makes it last even before cosmetics companies came up with long lasting lipsticks.

The important lesson I imparted to my daughter, I think, is how to eat chicharon when you have braces on.

I had braces for years and every time I had chicharon, the brackets came out. We’re talking three brackets in the same place so the wire cuts into the inside of your cheeks. Yup, it’s as painful as it sounds.

When my daughter got her braces, her brackets hardly came off. It’s a good thing because our dentist is my cousin who lives in Bulacan.

Even when she had Lapid’s, it didn’t come off. That’s because she knew how to eat the chicharon right.

Here’s how:

1. Get the chicharon and crumble it in your palm. Just make sure you get the pieces small enough.

2. Or, you can just whack the whole pack and crush the chicharon inside. You can whack it with a mug, a bottle, a rolling pin or whatever is at hand.

The point is to crush them so you won’t have to bite. It lowers the risk of the brackets coming off. If the pieces are too small, put them in a bowl and sprinkle with some vinegar and get a spoon. I know, it seems weird but do you have any other suggestion?

When my braces came off though, the first thing I had was talangka. I didn’t dare eat that when I had my braces on. I wouldn’t know how someone would eat talangka if they had braces on. I suppose you can crush it too but I don’t see how anyone would be okay doing that. It’s a good thing my daughter isn’t into talangka.

My favorite ulam ever! #chicharon #chicharonwithlaman #lapidschicharon

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Happy tanghalian Kita nat lumaps Yum yum #talangka ka Hobbhie25

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