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Sep 19, 2017 @ 21:27

Anthony Bourdain shares unorthodox way of choosing destinations for Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain, in a new interview for the upcoming season of his CNN documentary series Parts Unknown slated to premier on October 1, shares some insight into their process when choosing cities to visit for the hit show.

He says the process isn’t the complicated. Bourdain says that ideas come up during random ours in the day and he’ll share it with his crew.

“Usually, I’ll be sitting with my camera guys and producer on a shoot. It’ll be late at night, we’ve be shooting all day in Sri Lanka or Singapore or wherever, and we’re sitting in a noodle shop or the hotel bar knocking back some drinks, talking about where we
could go to play, to make something awesome that we haven’t done before.”

Bourdain says most of his ideas comes from movies and he’ll ask where he can do things they did there. Some of his ideas also comes from things he picks up from the news or from people who reach out with a history and a point of view that excites him.

“This season, I started talking to [alt-rock musician] Mark Lanegan. And it was like, “Well, I want to work with Mark Lanegan.” He’s from Washington state. We know there’s lots of great food in Seattle. We started to think about how the show might look,
and the show grew from that.”

This kind of random and impulsive method of choosing places has been in place since the first season and, so far, it has been working great for Bourdain and his production staff.

“Never. That’s never happened. The list of places for the season, usually I put it down into my phone, or scroll it on a piece of paper and shuffle it around. And over time, I present that to the head of production at Zero Point Zero, and I say, “These are the
places I want to go.”


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