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Sep 19, 2017 @ 22:00

Korina Sanchez enjoys a taste of home on her flight back to Manila

Korina Sanchez enjoyed a lengthy vacation sashaying around Europe these past few weeks.

She initially went to Paris, France to attend the wedding of friend Dr. Vicki Bello and Hayden Kho, but also elected to explore the continent, visiting various countries in the process.

I am a convert. If only all flights of Philippine Airlines were like their new, bigger planes then I wouldnt do Cathay Pacific anymore. With Cathay you need to pass through HKG airport as a layover. With PAL, the trip to LA and back is non-stop. There in 11 hours. The seats are spacious, entertainment is good (no IPads distibuted). Food is okay. And the service crew are always so so nice. Syempre Pinoy.❤️ Cant do without the signature arroz caldo as a midnight treat! Ok and so I had time to watch three movies. Diane Lane is always so good to watch though she tends to get typecast into these sorts. Shes ageing beautifully and I love the plot. Just cant understand the point at the end. I would still recommend. I smiled all throughout.😊 Oh my. Stressful! 😰Why cant we have enough of these aliens trapped inside a spaceship thingy? Great cast. Beautiful people all. Wondered how it would be different. Not much difference. Maybe this is the last one ill see, huh? But if youre out to come alive and scream, go ahead.😬😱 Ok. I know I trashed this one after 20 minutes of blah blah. But I decided to give it another shot and watched longer. The plot is quite incredible, unbelievable, I mean, come aaahhnnn. But I do love the humanness of the characters, the dialogue, the points made, the relationships and the twist at the end. Ok Ive changed my mind. Do watch it. Hello, Philippines, Im back!❤️

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On her flight back, she raved about the good service that Philippine Airlines provided, cozying up to an enticing bowl of arroz caldo for a midnight treas as she enjoyed some films.


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