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Nov 2, 2017 @ 15:15

Sandara supports BIG BANG Seungri’s growing noodle empire

Sandara Park loves ramen and loves her friends.

So when the opportunity came to support her good friend Seungri (from BIG BANG), Dara made sure to do so as she snapped her noodle order from Seungri’s Aori Ramen branch in Japan.

Dara and Seungri were reently in Manila and Boracay for a series of events and the two have been known to be close friends as they are both YG artists.

Seungri, the youngest member of BIG BANG is currently busy with expanding his noodle empire along with surprising his hyungs (big brothers) G-Dragon, Daesung and Taeyang as a special guest in their solo world tours.

Aside from Japan, Seungri opened his 12 th Aori Ramen branch in shopping distict Myeongdeong in Seoul, and is gearing to open another branch in Hanoi.
Chu Ka He (Congratulations) Seungri! (ANGEL ONG)

🎊 @aoriramen #아오리라멘 #アオリの神隠し 아오리라멘 14호점이 서울 이태원에 오픈합니다.🎊 문화와 개성이 있는 서울의 도심 이태원에 아오리라멘 🇰🇷국내12호점이 10/19(목) 오픈합니다! 다양한 먹거리와 문화가 가득한 서울의 가장 이국적인 도시 이태원에서 아오리라멘과 함께 더 즐거워지세요! 용산구 이태원로 189, 3층 / 이태원 소방서 바로 건너편 입니다! • 🎊アオリラーメン14号店がソウル梨泰院にオープンします.🎊 文化と個性があるソウルの都心イテウォンにアオリラーメン🇰🇷国内12号店がオープンします!様々な食べ物や文化がたくさんある、ソウルの最も異国的な都市、梨泰院でアオリラーメンと一緒にもっと楽しんでください! 龍山区梨泰院路189、3階/梨泰院消防署の真向かいです! • 🎊Aori拉面第14分店即将在梨泰院开业🎊 Aori拉面韩国第12分店即将在集多种文化与个性的首尔梨泰院开业!在充满各国美食与文化的首尔最具有异国风情的梨泰院,与Aori拉面一起享受幸福时光吧! 首尔市龙山区梨泰院路189号3楼/梨泰院消防队正对面! • Aori Ramen franchise No.14 will have its Grand Opening in Itaewon, Seoul With the most exotic features and cultural diversities in Seoul, Itaewon offers you with variety of eateries and entertainments. Enjoy Aori Ramen at the center of Seoul's most unique spot! Located @ 3rd floor, 189 Itaewon-ro Yongsan-gu, Seoul (Right accross the Itaewon Fire Station)

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🎊#아오리라멘 12호점이 서울 명동에 9/26 오픈합니다!🎊 @aoriramen 아오리라멘 12호점 🇰🇷 국내 10호점이 쇼핑과 문화의 메카 명동에 오픈합니다. 많은 관광객이 방문하는 대한민국 대표 도심 명동에서 맛있는 아오리라멘을 즐겨보세요! 서울시 중구 명동9길 10, 3층 • 🎊アオリラーメン12号店がソウルの明洞にオープンします!🎊 アオリラーメン12号店目は🇰🇷国内10号店目であるショッピングや文化のメッカである明洞にオープンします。 多くの観光客が訪れる韓国の代表都心である明洞にて、美味しいアオリラーメンをお楽しみください!ソウル市中区明洞9キル10,3階 • 🎊Aori拉面第12分店即将在首尔明洞开业🎊 Aori拉面第12分店🇰🇷国内第10分店即将在首尔购物文化胜地明洞与大家见面。 大家即可在游客量较多的,代表韩国时尚的明洞品尝到美味的Aori拉面! •首尔市中区明洞9街10,3楼 Aori, Myungdong is having its Grand Opening! The 12th Aori store will open at the hottest cultural and shopping place in Myungdong Enjoy Aori Ramen at tourists' most preferred spot of the city!

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