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Apr 21, 2018 @ 16:44

Shake Shack’s Veggie Shack receives lukewarm reviews days before its official launch

After their indulgent Shroom burger, Shake Shack has introduced its newest plant-based burger, The Veggie Shack, and food critics have already taken a bite at it.

The Veggie Shack Features a vegan patty created with black beans, brown rice, and roasted beets topped with provolone cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, vegan mustard mayo, and served on a potato roll, which can be swapped with a gluten-free bun or lettuce wrap.

However, Ryan Sutton of Eater New York wasn’t impressed with the whole shebang.

He described the Shake Shack’s newest addition to their menu as “not quite ready for primetime.”

“The exterior boasts a noticeable crunch — which is supposed to mimic the maillard char of a burger — but this crunch trends a bit coarse, with a with a flavor that can evoke a burnt eggplant. The crimson interior, in turn, is mostly sweet mush, with a few toothsome bites here and there, likely from those potatoes. I get a whiff of cumin, but otherwise, what Shake Shack has created is essentially a bland, over-sugared vegetable patty,” Sutton wrote.

“When consumed with all the condiments, it’s an edible enough affair, but it doesn’t boast that head-spinning ‘Sometimes I’d rather have this than a beef patty’,” he added

Nikita Richardson and other ‘tasters’ from shared their views as well.

One of the tasters noted “while Impossible Burger specializes in imitation burgers that “bleed” Shake Shack depends on beets to do the job, the pinkish-purple hue of beets completely dominate the interior color of the patty, and when you bite or cut into the burger, there’s pink juice everywhere. Though they thought of the ‘bleeding effect’ gimmick to be a fun idea, they said it didn’t really get the taste of the beets. They’re covered up by not only the black beans and brown rice but also a spice mix that seems to include healthy hits of cumin and garlic powder.”

In the end, they said that The Veggie Shack could arguably be classified as healthy and that is a valiant effort to be a real-deal veggie burger, and most people seemed to like it.

But as one of the nonvegetarian tasters put it: “I’d eat it again, but only if I knew I could get a real Shack burger, too.”

The Shake Shack team reportedly took eight months to develop and test the recipe for its latest development, finally settling on what it said is the perfect combination of legumes and vegetables.

The Veggie Shack will be in the Shake Shack App exclusively through April 23, meaning it can only be ordered via that app until it officially launches on menus as of April 24.


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