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May 19, 2018 @ 17:16

Bangkok ups cafe game with death concept

With the rise of various café experience gimmicks from cats and dogs to a café in Japan specifically dedicated to celebrate women’s thighs, Bangkok ups the game by their matter of life and death offer.

Kid Mai, a Bang café in Thailand, offers a “death” experience in exchange for a 10 percent discount on their beverages.

This Death Cafe is a Buddhist exhibition, baiting customers with desserts and refreshments and a once in a lifetime chance to feel what it’s going to feel like in your own funeral.

The concept was created by Assistant professor Veeranut Rojanaprapa for his PhD thesis in philosophy and religion at Saint John’s University in Bangkok.

In exchange for a 10 percent discount, customers are challenged to stay inside the displayed coffin for three solid minutes and then write in the cafe’s notebook their death awareness experience. With a 90 percent Buddhist population, Bangkok is the best place for Veeranut to explore his thesis on “how to decrease greed, how to decrease the corruption index, and how to increase the transparency [accountability] index in Thailand”.

In an interview with CNN travels, the professor explained that the café’s concept is more than just a gimmick. “If you think that tomorrow is your death day, and you will die tomorrow, everybody will not use their valuable time to revenge his enemy, or use his brain to think about how to be corrupt, or how to get more money.” he said.

One of the bold customers who accepted the challenge was a 15 year old girl who shared her experience.

“I’m still freaking out, I felt like I just don’t want to be in there anymore. Death is that feeling when you think that you will lose everything that you have today, and that feeling when you won’t be alive, and not be able to see your mom and dad tomorrow.” She said.

True to its morbid theme, the café’s menu includes death-themed coffee drinks, such as the “One Year Left” latte, “One Month Left” mocha, and the “Last Day” espresso.

The cafe’s most popular items, however, are the four tall, sweet, icy, dessert drinks named “Born,” “Elder,” “Painful,” and “Death.”


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