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Misconception about healthy food

There are a lot of new diet trends going around. Some focus on regulating the amount of food intake and some on regulating the kind of food. Recent study finds that more people lean towards the latter.

A study conducted by professors from Vanderbilt University, finds that more consumers are influenced by the perceived healthiness of a food than a food’s portion size. This tendency to neglect the quantity of food intake causes people who are trying to lose or maintain their current weight choose “healthy” items in larger amounts than the food’s calories justify.

In the studies, food type emerged as a “primary dimension,” or a factor that was highly relevant and influential to participants’ judgments of the food’s healthiness. Meanwhile, food quantity acted as a “secondary dimension,” holding much less sway over participants’ healthiness evaluations unless portion size was explicitly brought to their attention. And even then, food quantity affected judgments less than the primary dimension of food type.

The effect of neglecting quantity intake is further explained in an article published by Medical Xpress. Food type being the primary consideration for people to achieve their health goals, the portion much less sway over participants’ healthiness evaluations. Because of this, people tend to eat more of the food perceived as “healthy” even though it has higher cholesterol level.

“These findings are innovative because they distinguish between and explicitly compare two common routes to healthier consumption that are perceived to be very different. These findings suggest that the primacy of type over quantity could potentially have a negative impact on efforts to lose or maintain weight through reduced caloric consumption.” the authors of the said study explained.


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