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Jun 16, 2018 @ 15:53

BIG BANG’s Seungri opens 3 new branches of Aori Ramen in Korea

It seems that BIG BANG maknae Seungri is making the most of his days before enlisting for the military.

Aside from representing the iconic group while his hyungs are serving their mandatory enlistment, he is also working on his solo album, solo world tour and has been appointed as CEO of YG Entertainment’s subsidiary group YGX after YG merged with his DJ label Natural High Records.

It seems that this is not enough to keep him busy though because the artist is also the top honcho of his noodle empire, Aori Ramen, which he has been growing not only in Korea but other parts of Asia as well.

There are currently branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan.

The noodle empire actually opened three new branches since last month. In his Instagram post, Seungri reported that they have opened shop in Daehak-ro, near Hyewa Station Exit 4.

🎊아오리라멘 36호점이 대학로에 오픈합니다.🎊 #아오리라멘 아오리라멘 36호점, 국내 30호점이 5월 18일 금요일 대학로에 오픈했습니다 다채로운 공연과 행사가 끊이지 않는 우리나라의 대표적인 문화예술거리 대학로에도 아오리라멘이 찾아갑니다. 아오리라멘 대학로점은 서울시 종로구 대학로 143, 2층, 혜화역 4번 출구 쪽에서 만나실 수 있습니다. · アオリラーメン36号店、国内30号店目が5月18日(金)、大学路にオープンします! 多彩な公演とイベントが絶えない韓国の代表的な文化芸術の通り、大学路でもアオリラーメンを味わっていただけます。 アオリラーメン大学路店は、ソウル市鍾路区大学路143、2階に位置し、4号線 恵化(へファ)駅 4番出口の前でお会いできます。 · Aori拉面36号店将在大学路开业! Aori拉面国内第30号店将于5/18(星期五)在大学路开业! 大学路拥有需多丰富多彩的演出和活动,并且是韩国代表性的文化艺术街。 以后大家也可以在大学路品尝到美味的Aori拉面啦! Aori拉面大学路店位于首尔市钟路区大学路143,2层,慧化站4号口 · The 36th branch of Aori Ramen will open in Daehak-ro. The 36th branch of Aori Ramen(Domestic 30th branch) will open on May 18th Friday in Daehak-ro! We are visiting the place known for Korea's representative street culture with various performences & events 'Daehak-ro'. Aori Ramen Daehak-ro branch is located at 143, Daehak-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, Near Hyehwa Station exit 4.

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He also announced the opening of Aori Ramen in the happening district of Sillim which you could find just outside Sillim station’s Exit 3.

🎊아오리라멘 38호점이 신림에 오픈했습니다 .🎊#아오리라멘 아오리라멘 38호점, 국내 32호점이 6월 4일 월요일 신림에 오픈했습니다! 도림천과 보라매공원, 장군봉근린공원 등이 조성되어 있고, 사통팔달의 교통중심 지역인 신림에서도 아오리라멘을 즐기실 수 있습니다. 아오리라멘 신림점은 서울시 관악구 남부순환로 1600, 2층, 신림역 3번 출구 쪽에서 만나실 수 있습니다. • アオリラーメン38号店が新林(シンリム)にオープンしました. アオリラーメン38号店、国内32号店目が6月4日新林にオープンしました! 道林川とボラメ公園、将軍峰近隣公園などが造成されており、四通八達の交通の中心地域である新林でもアオリラーメンを味わっていただけます。 アオリラーメン新林店は、ソウル市冠岳区南部循環路1600、2階、2号線 シンリム駅3番出口側にてお会いできます。 • Aori拉面第38号店在新林开业啦! Aori拉面国内第32号店已于6/4(星期一)在新林开业啦! 大家可以在由波拉梅公园、道林川、将军峰近邻公园构成,并且是交通中心地区的新林,品尝到美味的Aori拉面啦! Aori拉面新林店位于首尔市官乐区南部环路1600 2层,新林站3号出口附近。 • The 38th branch of Aori Ramen has opened in Sillim. The 38th branch of Aori Ramen(Domestic 32th branch) has opened in Sillim on June 4th Monday! You can enjoy in Sillim where is a major transportaion point, there are Dorimcheon, Boramae Park, Janggunbong Peak park situated as well. Aori Ramen Sillim branch is located at 1600, Nambusunhwan-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2nd floor, Near Sillim station exit 3.

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Just, wow Seungri (ANGEL ONG)


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