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Jul 3, 2018 @ 10:29

Canola oil in breastfeeding mothers’ diet is beneficial for the baby

Canola oil is preferred by mothers as a healthier and alternative to regular vegetable oil that is still within the budget as compared to olive oil.

But recent study discovered that Canola oil brings more to the table by helping breast feeding mothers improve the health of their babies.

Scientists from University of Nottingham have found breast feeding mothers who take a canola oil supplement during the breast feeding period, it could help delay the loss of brown fat and improve metabolism in her child.

Young babies are born with high levels of brown fat, or ‘good’ fat, which is used to burn sugar and produce heat to keep them warm while at their most vulnerable. It is usually replaced by white fat, or ‘bad’ fat, which is stored in the body.

In an article from Nottinghamshire Live, research leader, Professor Michael Symonds explained that this discovery could play a critical role of the breast feeding mothers’ food intake on modulating their babies’ fat cells into metabolically active brown fat.

“We have uncovered a new way to promote the ability of fat to produce heat and identified how this process can be modulated by the mother’s diet in early life,” he said.

The research was led by Professor Michael Symonds and Professor Helen Budge of the early life research unit in the university’s school of medicine.


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