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Jul 9, 2018 @ 15:53

Coffee won’t help you sober up

People usually drink coffee after some heavy drinking to sober up. But a recent study shows that there’s no science backing up this long held belief.

Professor Tony Moss of London South Bank University explained that that blood alcohol levels don’t decrease after drinking a strong cup of coffee. Although people may argue that coffee does help, it may just be because caffeine gives a feeling of alertness. But that doesn’t change the fact your hand-eye coordination and other motor skills will still be affected from the alcohol in your blood.

According to an article from Daily Mail UK, the experiment was done in a controlled pub-like environment where five students drank vodka and tonic that contains enough alcohol for their individual height and weights to get them tipsy. The group are then tasked with a simple hand-eye co-ordination test where they have to guide a metal loop around a wire without touching it. They all failed, and were visibly giddy. After five minutes they were given a cup of coffee and do the same test. Although the students felt more alter, they still failed the test.

Professor Tony Moss has revealed that there is nothing you can drink that will help you sober up more quickly. “The only thing that’s going to sober you up in that respect is a bit of time,” he said explaining that It can take two to three hours for a pint of beet to leave your system, and five hours for half a bottle of wine.


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