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Jul 5, 2018 @ 16:00

Does expensive water taste the same as regular water? Buzzfeed investigates

Does expensive water taste different from normal water? The folks at Buzzfeed wanted to settle the issue of why some other waters cost more than others.

So what do they do? They conduct a taste test to understand what sets expensive water apart from their more affordable counterparts.

First up on the taste test is American bottled water Beverly Hills 90H20 which is $3 (P150). This is the same brand that has a diamond edition that costs $100,000. The hosts used goblets to give the water the feel of fine wine.

Their first reactions on the branding was the name (because Beverly Hills is not known for water) and the packaging (the bottle looked pretty). As for the taste, they said it tastes clean but its not worth more than $1.

They next tried the Ty Nant from Wales which costs $8.64 (P450). It looks more sophisticated than Beverly Hills and tastes “crisper” than the previous bottle.

A contender from Italy called Fiuggi which costs $9.50 (P500). After reading the label for its nutritional contents, they were amazed at all the healthy elements that were incorporated into the bottle.

The flashiest contender, perhaps is Bling Water, also from the USA, which costs a staggering $69.69 (P3500) per bottle. They were taken aback by the bottle and said that the spikes (yes, the spikes) could make it qualify as a weapon in a fight. They weren’t big fans of the aftertaste and said that the packaging may have affected the flavor of the water, but not in a good way.

At the end of the video, they said that the expensive water are the same, except for the packaging which may be why they cost more. Check out their unbridled reactions below. (ANGEL ONG)

Expensive Water Taste Test

“It just tastes like regular ass water.”

Posted by BuzzFeed Taste Tests on Tuesday, July 3, 2018


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