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Jul 7, 2018 @ 12:51

Pig farm utilizes technology that manages farm odor

Living near a livestock farm could be very inconvenient, especially when the wind blows a little too hard carrying all the farm animal stenches from miles away.

Fortunately, a pork plant in Iowa has found a way to make the pig farm breeze smell a little less.

Iowa Select Farms announced their commitment to odor reduction and laid out their plan on how to make it happen.

According to an article from Radio Iowa, the farm will use an electrostatic precipitator fence to minimize the odor if not to eradicate it completely.

“Basically how that works is, we string a couple of high-voltage wires right after the fans on the end of the barn so as the dust particles leave the barn, they’ll be charged by that fence and they’ll impact our green screen fence that will grab onto those charged particles and prevent them from leaving the farm, by reducing the dust that leaves the farm, we also reduce the odor.” John Stinn, the environment project manager for Iowa Falls-based Iowa Select Farms, explained.

Along with the odor managing technology it will launch, the company also plans to plant tree wind breaks for the beautification of the farms. The dual effort will involve all of the new Iowa Select Farm facilities that are under construction.


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