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Taking care of your bones if you’re calcium intolerant

Calcium is an essential component in a person’s diet. Lack of it will lead to weak bones and osteoporosis. Milk is the most common source of calcium however there are a lot of people who are lactose intolerant so they can’t consume dairy.

But even worse than that, there are people who have calcium intolerance. It is a rare condition in which people have too much calcium in their systems as a result of overdose, or another condition. These people have to avoid calcium altogether.

Fortunately, there are ways to compensate for this. Livemint shared a list of alternative vitamins that could also help bone development.

Consuming eggs, fish, meat and poultry will give you your daily dose of Vitamin B12 to get your Osteoblasts, also known as the bone-building cells, functioning efficiently.

Vitamin K can improve bone mass. It is essential for the functioning of a protein called MGP (matrix gla protein ) that’s present in bones, teeth and cartilage. To get a dose of vitamin K one can eat cabbage, liver, soybean or drink green tea. Since our body can absorb vitamin K only when accompanied by dietary fat, it’s best to eat your leafy green salad with oil-based salad dressings.

A little basking under the early morning will also goes a long way. This is a natural and effortless source of Vitamin D which helps transport calcium to the bones and to improve its absorption from the kidneys and intestine. If your lifestyle or job forces you miss out on it, you can just salmon, sardines and eggs.

Vitamin C which is commonly found in citrus fruits is not only good for the immune system, it also aids in the normal bone development and the formation of collagen, the structural protein in the bone.


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