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Why unripe banana is good for your diet

When people buy bananas by bulk, they usually sit on the fruit bowl for days until they ripen completely. Even after days, bananas can still be consumed or made into pastry.

But what most people don’t know is that the health benefits you get from it change based on its ripeness. It lies within the banana’s starch content.

According to an article from Global News, unripe bananas contain mostly resistant starch which can be classified as a dietary fiber. And as bananas ripen these starches are converted into simple sugar.

“Unripe bananas may carry a prebiotic effect and resistant starch may feed the friendly bacteria in your gut to promote a healthy gut environment” said Abbey Sharp, a Toronto registered dietitian.

“If you are watching your sugar intake and blood sugars, keep your portions in check. This may mean you may need to have half of a banana (no more than six inches) and try to stick with bananas on the greener side,” said Registered dietitian Anar Allidina, adding that resistant starch has been linked to several health benefits such as improved colon health, increased feeling of fullness, reduced insulin resistance and lower blood sugar levels after eating a meal.

This why eating a not-so ripe banana is beneficial before and after workout as it helps to feel full throughout a workout and gives enough glucose to get through it.

After a workout, Allidina explained, bananas help replenish glycogen stores and when paired with protein, it helps spike your insulin enough to drive protein into your muscles.


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